Fuels used for road meet strict quality requirements.

Albert de Haan, as former MD of Fortis Carbon Bank and co-founder of European Climate Exchange (ECX), started Carbon Rooster BV in 2008.

All these years, he has closely followed the Carbon and Power markets. While working as a consultant in many countries all over the world, he has seen trading opportunities in all new carbon related products.

Also, did he act as a Principal/Broker in many CER trades between China and Europe between 2019-2021.

To quote Albert: “In the European FQD (Fuel Quality Directive) trading in UER’s is one of the solutions in meeting EU fuel blending compliance”.

State Grid

Carbon Rooster BV also acts as broker in UER transactions (Upstream Emission Reductions).

“In 2021 we see upcoming interest in global carbon markets and new products. To meet the ambitions to make the world carbon neutral with in the next decades.”

Carbon Rooster will be your guide, advisor and broker to reach your carbon goals and define your low carbon strategy.