Advisory services

Albert de Haan has experience as trader and carbon strategic advisor

Here you’ll find the list of projects

Specialist in renewable energy market

Carbon Rooster Advisory specialises in consultancy and advisory services on carbon strategies and renewable energy projects. Carbon Rooster advises on the effects and on the wide range of opportunities carbon portfolio management is offering.

Turkey  2011

working on capacity building for EBRD/Climate Focus

Training commercial banks in EU ETS trading

China 2012/15 

Hired by IFC developing non-spot products in Local Carbon Pilot Exchange

South Africa 2016

Working with Prometheum Johannesburg on South African   carbon Tax&Trade program

China 2017      

EEX Leipzig contract  for setting up on-offshore market based contract and commercialize  EEX presence in China

China 2017 – now

IncubEx London PLC hired me to set up a presence in carbon market and assiting some Exchanges to set up longer dated contracts

South Korea 2018

Hired by ICF Korea EU carbon project team to train South Korean companies in EU ETS experiences and do capacity building

China 2018      

LNG markets study for Shanghai Clearing House in Shanghai together with ENGIE Shanghai.

China 2019        

World Bank PMR advising the National ETS governance during 6 months

China 2020         

Active in Kyoto credits trading , was project participant in many Chinese CDM projects that generated CER s  traded by  Carbon Rooster Advisory Services BV

Long projects

EDEN Carbon Ltd

South Africa technology for CCUS turning carbon into very usefull commodities. Range of no carbon products like Jet fuel Diesel and fertilizer. (minority shareholder)

Orion biotechnology

Tiny shareholder but start of predecessor company was in China Very promising  developer.

NPNC No Pay No Cure 

Advisory Board member of this new way to collect payments.