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Carbon Rooster, a Netherlands based emission rights trading specialist, and Docklab, a Port of Rotterdam backed digital venture studio, are piloting a solution to facilitate emission rights accounting and compliance for international shipping. In phase 1 all Netherlands bound ships covered by IMO ETS regulations can opt in to get compliance interactions with the Dutch Emissions Authority (NEA) fully serviced by ETS Marine Services.

Reality: IMO ETS regulations effective per 2024
2024 will be the first year in which all ships >5000ton must comply with IMO’s ETS regulations. For EU bound voyages this includes emission accounting (to be audited and reported to Thetis-MRV), the procurement of European Union Allowances (EUA’s) and registration at and bookings of EUA’s to national emission authorities. Europe’s biggest hub in this new system will be the Port of Rotterdam, meaning thousands of ships will need to register with the Dutch Emissions Authority (NEA).

Solution: ETS Marine Services
ETS Marine Services facilitates NEA registration, emission and EUA accounting and related auditing to alleviate the admin burden for ship owners. Using publicly available shipping data, port management data and tapping into bunkering documentation, ETS Marine Services will be able to reduce mandatory compliance efforts with approximately 90%. It provides dashboards for ship owners, portfolio owners and their and financial service providers (e.g. EUA trading) and allows audits by verifiers.

To smaller companies and independent ship owners ETS Marine Services offers to include them in a compliant, aggregated bookkeeping. For larger companies and cooperatives, ETS Marine Services is positioned as a portfolio management tool, allowing for full visibility and aggregation throughout their own fleets.

Pilot in Q1
In Q1 Carbon Rooster and Docklab will execute an ETS Marine Services pilot. After successful completion they intend to unlock its services for international markets in congruence with IMO and NEA timelines.

About CarbonRooster
Carbon Rooster, a dedicated Carbon Advisory company, has been involved in Carbon markets since 2003 and was co-founder of ECX, still the largest EUA exchange in the world. Carbon Rooster is involved in new carbon markets in China, Türkiye, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Viet Nam. Carbon Rooster is deeply embedded in Shipping ETS as well.

About Docklab
Docklab is a digital venture studio, rooted in and backed by the Port of Rotterdam. It co-creates digital solutions that help accelerate the energy transition and transform supply chains. Docklab’s portfolio companies and innovation programs cover supply chain accountability for renewable fuels, digital transfer of regulated trade documents, digitization of customs clearance procedures, and collaborative business models for energy assets.